some leftovers from Suede live in Jakarta

my fav - zoom in for more pleasure.

major cleaning up saturday and lovely weather

I don't usually go out in the weekend. I probably am the most ungrateful young'un who live in Bali for never go out on weekend/ after hour searching nor experiencing something new. i'm boring like that.

Anyway, i spent this afternoon doing major cleaning up of my kost-kostan room. I had to bring some chairs outside the room to set some space for cleaning. Apparently that was an inspirational thing to do.  Whilst waiting for the floor to dry, i went outside and had a sit. Sky is blue, cloud is fluffy, sun is being bitchy but it cooled down after a while. I took a picture of that uplifting moment of my life as a young girl who live alone slash a soloist slash doesn't have any friend. here you goooh:

ps: when i said i never go out, i really mean it. i just stay inside my room haha

the unattractive flippity-floppity tan mark on my feet

Went to the beach to take some photos yesterday, from Double Six to Petitenget

these are iphone shots, holga shots will be posted later.

Suede and Blur-related post

1. I'm still having that post-gig syndrome from Suede concert last week. But it's not as bad as before (Franz Ferdinand). My current job forces me to keepin' it real!
Bye bye Brettman, bye bye!

2. I've been through 2 Damon Albarn's Birthday and this Blurzine still hasn't finished yet. What is wrong with me?
Happy birthday Damey! :-*

3. I'm aiming to go to London to see Damon Albarn plays Doctor Dee (the ultimate rennaisance man?). Either Manchester International Festival 2011 or London 2012 Festival. Or whenever Blur ever release their recording session (does it mean an LP in 6 years!?) and possibly have some tour dates. Graham's new release will also be perfect reason to go to.

4. Because by then, I will be ticking off the list of my i've seen live.

Ta! back to work now xx