All That Glitters Is Gay !

Brian Slade of Venus in Furs, an artwork after watching the film. inspired eh?

okay, i've just watched velvet goldmine movie and here's the moral question: what's in indie kid's mind when they wrote "velvet goldmine" as one of their favourite movies? whether they really were gay (moses' said) or well they just wrote it down to make a cool statement of themselves that they favoured one of a very trendy cult movies besides trainspotting, clockwork orange, lock stock and two smoking barrels, pulp fiction, 24 hr party ppl, well..take your pick.

i don't put a blame on this film, only the scene where christian bale and ewan mcgregor were shagging, ough that's just gross, yet cute -_-,
whoa :D i couldn't help myself watching it and i laughed up one's sleeve har har har..

not to mention when brian slade (rhys-meyers) turned his eye balls into a pink heartshaped one and so his manager, turned into a dollar one, when curt wilde (mcgregor) approved his proposal to come to england with them..corny!

well at this point i know this is likely to be a gay movie.
so back to the moral question, would you pick this film as your favourite one?


  1. eye for an eye14 July 2008 at 10:57

    yaa jangan di liat dari sisi gay nya jug akali kan banyak lagi yg bisa di ambil dari film, sejelek2nya culture gay menurut lo tetep aja itu part dari hidup kita dan culture dulu itu ada, sebaiknya gak di tutupin, film ini cukup bagus juga dalam nyampein informasi bahwa jaman dulu itu kejadian itu bener2 ada

  2. duile serius bgt lu reo...sensitif bgt sii kalo gua ngomongin gay ;) "sebaiknya gak di tutupin" tuh reo..terbuka aj..hahaha

    gmn gak liat dr sisi gaynya? ni film glamsoy rock bgt!! gua g bilang film ini jelek, cuma gua belum terbiasa aj nonton film beginian,dan gua bertanya2 knp byk anak indie yg taro film ini jd favourite movie?

    film koboy gay jg gua blm nonton. g boleh sm mama..