Stone Roses, I Thought You Were Dead

The Stone Roses used to be my obsession last year, but now Blur has replace that position. I think i have similarity with Graham Coxon, just like Damon said about him "Graham has obsessions. At the moment it's American hardcore. They last from 6 to 8 months,and it's very hard for him to see anything else." hihihi sounds like me, eh?:p
me digital bible of the stone roses

I think my obsessions in The Stone Roses become lesser since this site wasn't exist anymore. i used to learned about The Stone Roses and mostly about art and culture involved in every Stone Roses song lyrics and cover art there. I was so amazed by the person behind it. His name is Paul McAuley, in my opinion he went to a deep and meaningful research for every songs and video of The Stone Roses. His analysis is very good, that i almost considered it as my Stone Roses bible:)

This morning i received a myspace comment from him told me that he made a documentary about The Stone Roses and it's now available on youtube. The other good news is that the site, is back to exist. i hope it's full of update:)

Follow this
link to see The Stone Roses Documentary by Paul McAuley
on youtube.


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