Damon Albarn and The Black Ghost

The Black Ghosts New Album Featured Damon Albarn. This is an email i had received nearly 2 months ago. at first i thought The Black Ghosts was a hardcore band, the look fooled me:d (stupid). I pay no interest to the issue. until i got the single last week and give it a try. i love damon's dreamy vocal. his signature voice can be easily recognized, especially for damon's die-hard fan (ehem..me) at first i kinda had heard this song somewhere in Gorillaz dvd but not sure, i should check it again. i've never been into electronic music (beside Gorillaz), i prefer baggy songs for dancing around. but imo this one is a good record for a beginner like me:d. here's the song.

The Black Ghost - Repetition Kills You

Who the hell is The Black Ghost anyway? check them out on Myspace (mmpfh..me liking their artwork)

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