Blur Confirm London Show

blur. all four. AWWW.

OMAGAD!! I'm shivering when i post this blog. shit.

Blur will play a live show in Hyde Park Summer 2009
Graham Coxon will join Alex James, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn onstage for this first time since their Royal Festival Hall performance in 2000.

The concert will take place at London’s Hyde Park on Friday 3rd July 2009.

Tickets will be on general sale from 9am Friday 12th December 2008 at All tickets are £45.00, are limited to six per person, and subject to a booking fee. Promoters recommend fans purchase tickets from official outlets only.

Priority booking information will be sent out to all subcribers to the Blur list shortly.


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    Now i'm wondering how to get there, this time i wish i lived in england. London to be precised :)

    O God, i want my Blur for this christmas :d

  2. You live in Indonesia?
    I'm stationed in the Philippines right now.

    i was GOING to go see Monkey:Journey to the West, but it was so expensive, airfare and hotel, so i missed it, but i CANNOT miss this.

    We HAVE To find a way.

  3. yes i live in Indonesian, so we are now officially join the Asia desperate blur fan club..hahaha..

    i've calculate the airfare (not include the hotel and other taxes) if i go with airasia, and it costs me about 835US$ (40,354.61 PHP
    ) to fly me to London from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and return.. They don't have flight to london from here. so i should go the nearest country, which is Malaysia.

    There's no other way..There's no other way..All that you can do is watch them play.........on :D hope they're planning Asia tour, considering there're also lots of aggresive fan US:)

    BTW, Grey Sea approve my friend request too :) i've told you here's in the good mood with the internet things, he wanted some more friend on his personal myspace, so he won't get so lonely..awww!! :D

  4. geez! they're sold out already


  5. Dude! thats pretty expensive!
    They MUST come to asia or I might have to kill myself. We need to start a group: "Desperately Agressive Asian Blur Fan Club." YES.
    YAY! Im so glad he likes his fans and adds them :D hehe

    THEY ARE SOLD OUT!!? What the hell??
    Wait!! No the 2nd is still available!! You know, I'm gonna go ahead and buy tickets to the show, so I can have them if I am able to go. Then if I cant go, I can just sell them. So i wont totally lose my chance of going. :D
    You should do it too!

  6. Blurilliant!! i'll go that way,, hahah. But still i have to get 45pound on my pocket first. (desperate)

    and how do we start? a group on facebook maybe? hahah..the group is open for Asian who can't afford to see Blur reunion on London and demand them to play in Asia. YAY!! :D how's it? cool eh? lol!

  7. Yeah, i still have to beg my mom to buy the tickets.

    YES! PERFECT! Facebook group for desperate fans stuck in asia. We can write a letter and BEG then to play here. :D