Blood, sweat and tears are nothing very complicated

Here it is Sugarytea, milk and honey. Sweetness, innit?

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Just made a self-promo poster for this blog. actually this is my first attempt to make a type-based poster using adobe illustrator. not bad, eh? humm with a lil bit of this and that, and not to mention i spilled a bottle of black ink onto the floor. yes! and ended up cleanin' it whilst watching alex kapranos on TV. a total mess. -..-
i can tell it's a bit grungy and raw on the style. but i simply love the sub headline that said "Blood, sweat and tears are nothing very complicated". i kudos myself for that achievement hahaha.. well i've been in a rollercoaster of life lately, that's where the Blood, sweat and tears phrase came from :d and i realized that this blog seems like a great escapade for me. Things like Blur, damon, graham, drawing, all that stuffs i loved. They keep me busy :)

i'll end the posting with a beautiful quote from Oscar Wilde, no, no it's not the man and the mask quote..hehe but still has something to do with my 'unfinished monkey business' :D
“There are only two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”
good mornin' peeps! i'm off for a nice kip.. see you in the noon :)

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