Childish illustration disturbingly turns me on

I bought this Xfun magazine (which i never bought this kinda magazine before) from kinokuniya last week just because they featured some great illustrators. Xfun called their works as childish illustration.. a bit lame for me. but nevermind. i love all of their works though. Very inspiring that makes me want to drown myself into a sea of colour.. hummm i think i'm gonna teach myself colouring. and that makes the motion graphic lesson drops to no.2 on my list.

Bjorn Rune Lie (Bristol, UK)

Martin Haake (Berlin, DE)

Linzie Hunter (London, UK)

Amy Brown (London, UK)

Allan Sanders (Brighton, UK)

and my current love. err this is what they called childish illustration. OKIDO magazine for ages 2-7.

nitey peeps :)

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