Nyah nyah Liam Gallagher starts fashion label

The name is Pretty Green, and named after a song by The Jam.
and I'm pretty like the logo, lol.. check Pretty Green website.
no design have been revealed yet, but the clothing will include classic designs across footwear, denim, knitwear, jackets, trench coats, parkas, T-shirts, hats, scarves and accessories.

graham for merc - only 100 available in UK

humm reminds me of graham doing suits design for Merc, only he didn't run the clothing line.
"Do you know Merc, the Mod fashion shop? They said to me a while ago, 'Hey, why don't you design a suit?'. And I thought about it and i considered the lack of suits that are actually quite nice, and i thought I'd have a go. I've chosen the cloth, the buttons, the angles of the pockets and the jacket."

And not to mention when he become the model of Cordings menswear for winter. He act like a british gentleman. i wanna cuddle him -..-


  1. eeeee! I didn't know graham designed some suits. :O
    I like Liam's logo too, pretty sweet. :D

  2. gua mau berpakaian begitu.

  3. kamu kan cewek wendeeehh..tapi bolehlah berpakaian tweed ala gentleman gituh.. ada versi ceweknya kok di websitenya cordings.co.uk .. heuhehueh besok bikin jadwal pasar baru lagi apa..cari scarf..hummm