The Spinning Top for tomorrow

The journey to the search of 'Outta My League, Dear' mp3 brought me to The Spinning Top leak album. i heard about this leak like a month ago but i just too lazy to properly browsed through the web searching for the download link. Since the link came to me instantly, why dont give it a try. :p

Pardon me Mr. Coxon, i promise myself i'll buy the CD. Speaking about the CD. The Spinning Top will be out tomorrow, May 11th 09. Support Graham! He's been nice and warm this year. i love him. smooch*

Otherwise Graham doesn't give me an easy way to listen to his new album (emphasize the leak). turns out the one i've got is in a .wma format. i can't listen it on iTunes neither scrobble it on once again too lazy to convert it into mp3 format :p

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