Distraction from the cheeky Jinx.

i hate distraction especially when i need to be highly focused on what i'm doing. no it's not about facebook/tumblr/twitter distraction. it's more about my dog's reflex action to almost anything unnecessary.

i'm alone at home, no one's at home except me and my dog. mom told me to wait for a packet from delivery guy. It's a guitar effect something that my brother just bought. okay so i wait while browsing thru internet. since tumblr is very quiet right now, no one post about Blur / Graham Coxon stuff, so i decided to leave laptop for a mo and start drawing. but ffs, my dog who is sleeping right under my table is frequently awakes and rushes into front door. i thought it was the delivery guy coming, so i went to the front door and disappointedly found out that there's no one in there. only bunch of kids who's passing my house, or tukang ojek who's stand by on the corner of the street. gee! Jinx you don't have to be such a jerk do you?
and it happens all the time until my mood on drawing is gone and i move to blog.

will this delivery guy come or not? i'm getting anxious right now. i wanna finish my drawing, but
it's like my mind is separated into two.

and by the time you read this post, he's still gonna barking on the front door. and i just don't care anymore. ha!


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