Damon Albarn Xfm Residency Podcast

I dunno if you’ve already had and have listened to this podcast. But I think it would be great to share with y’all. Found this at 2007, when i started diggin Damon Albarn music all over again (Thanks to the internet finally found its way to get into my house).

This was the podcast from Xfm Residency where Damon Albarn taking over Xfm with his playlists, from Classic tunes to Toon tunes (Missy’s favourite) from Reggae-dub to Krautrock, even Baggy and Indie tunes. This podcast is an quintessential source if you wanna know from where Damon’s got his eclectic taste. A+.
Download: Damon Albarn Xfm Residency Podcast (34.93 MB) | Tracklist

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