Dear boys & girls, i need your contribution for my next project.

Heeeeeelllloooooooooo......... :)

I'm gonna submit work for an upcoming exhibition that will be held by cut-click. The exhibition themed is mail art. I already have the idea in my head but i'm gonna need your contribution for this project.

The big draw is very easy! I'm gonna send each of you a personal postcard right to your front door. But you have to tell me, "What makes you very happy when you receive mails/packages on your mailbox?"

It could be anything, like "I miss you, wish you were here" words, or photo of someone you love the most, a nice and warm greet from an old friend, or maybe just the feeling that someone is actually care for you, or even stuff you ordered from eBay! Anything you can think of. It's easy beesy like sunday morning, innit? :))

And one last thing, I need you to send me back the documentation of that postcard. This could be photo of you with that postcard. or just a scan of the postcard with your personal comments. Get creative/witty/crazy as you can be with the feedback. I will appreciate every form of it.
PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS THE IMPORTANT BIT, because your feedback (the documentation, photo or scans) would be the origin artwork of what i'm gonna working on.

I've made a form for you to fill out. *Click here to fill out the form*
It requires an email address so i can contact you later about how to send me the feedback.

Oh and i'm gonna limit 3 person per week. I think i'm gonna need 18 person to join the hoo-has, but dunno if this turns out to be fun, could add some more peeps :)) Still have 6 weeks to go. Let's get it on!!!


(leave comments if you wanna ask or anything)


  1. hooray Im in !!! love post best.

  2. Yay! Congrats you're the first contributor! :))

  3. I love everything I have read about this project so far, so I have signed up. Will be retweeting it.

  4. This is such a cool idea! I'm in!

  5. Cheers Chrisse and Caitlin!

    isi formnya, regee! :) here here