My Blur family reunion / How first time we met.

Last year, i made post celebrating the news of Blur reunion. I remember wrote Christmas comes early and all. It was dated mid december. I thought this would good year for Blur fans around the globe. We celebrated it with joy and happiness. Though some of them, mostly non-UK fans, could only dream watching them live at Hyde Park.
They did it again last week. They announced the Blur film "No Distance Left To Run" to be open in cinemas WORLDWIDE on January 2010. Feels like December 2008 all over again. Though it's late November, but still. We, Blur fans around the globe reunited again for this news :D

Thought i'm gonna make a tribute post to the Blur family i've built throughout the year. Though i never meet them in person, only on screen. But we share the same excitement and that was great. Here they are: (pssst, just tell me if you want your name to be take off)

Early age:
Hayley Barone, Safa Shabbir, Alisha, Celesto Sueldo, Elodie Leroy

Facebook friend:
Aya Kuroki, Rizza Albarn, Paula Hart, Nicole Rico, Natalie Leeming, Rosie Bowring, Sofyan Loque, Pamela Damiani, Julieta M, Harold F. Chasen, May Albarnita, Raul Pozos, Rita Albarnholic, Neya Slokar, Cristina Mujica, Eleanor Bennet, Hotaru Mikk, Jacqueline Velardez, Rominna

Fellow Indonesian Blur enthusiast and IRL friend:
Windigo Darla, Juliana Debora, Nita Permana Handajani, Titus Andronicus, Iqbal Djoha, Ari Yanuari Murdiansah, Nona Kumis, Arieef Aneh, Dizan Rilitanto, Seruni Putri, Rena Ayu Rulianti, Mira Avalonia

Twitter/Tumblr/new Facebook friend:
Caitlin, ChrissieM, Doyleheima, Panny, Val Albarn, KaoArika, Ringlunatic, Heather Romney,  n00dlesbff314, Leels Llama, Brooke Manhattan, Marilyn Roxie, astronomydomino, Agrainel, danomind, Ninacoo, stellify, ultrachic, blackbird_fly_ 


Do you remember the first time we met?


  1. <3 ILY NADYA! My first blur bff <3
    I'm sorry I left you in Asia, I wish I could be there to watch & celebrate with you in January! I'll never forget the silliness on facebook we stirred up over our blur boys at the beginning. XD then our family grew into a network of amazing fans that I'm proud to know and be a part of.
    And you, you stay amazing and fabulous, my beautiful blurista! :3


    kisses & hugs from Texas,

  2. Aww Hayley, my dear. even you're the first one to comment on the post about blur reunion last year.

    and don't you forget our lovechild "Asian Desperate Blur fan club" group on facebook. bwahahaha silly!

    <3 LUV BACK AT YA! MY Blurbitchee!


  3. *hug* it's cool that I'm in there, Nadya.

    Well, it has been a marvelous year, of course. Though we started to talk more thanks to both Twitter and Tumblr at the first semester of the year.

    Hope that we (and every fan known there that we have interacted in some way or another) still have the same excitement for the band that basically made us to meet and know :)

    Best wishes,
    a mexican Blur fan and friend, KaoArika <3

  4. Première réunion: MySpace! Le début de ma rencontre avec vous, Nadya et avec d'autres fans de Blur ^. ^ Un grand réseau est né, et ne finira jamais, Nous ne savons pas vraiment mais Blur rassemble des gens de tous les pays et grand peuple comme vous!

  5. First meeting: MySpace! The beginning of my meeting with you Nadya and with other fans of Blur ^.^ A large network is born and will never end, We do not really know but Blur brings together people from every country and great people like you !

  6. it's better in English lol !!!

  7. Ooooooh! I'm so excited. :3

    And I'm so very happy to be included in the 'Blur family'. ^^ I've met so many wonderful/cool people this year thanks to Blur.

    <3 Cheers!

  8. @Kao: I've always thought you're a Japanese, i even got mixed up between you and Aya on Twitter, wrong mention. hehe. Much love <3 <3 <3

    @elodie: yeah, myspace era! hahaha and i envied you so much when Blur play at Lyon, France >< nice to know you, Elodie, you're a very nice person :))

    @Heather: Of course, You're the member of Blur cult, Heather! :D

  9. -oohs and awws-

    Seriously, I don't even remember how we met, it seems as though I've known you and everyone else for my whole blurry fanatic life.

    Isn't it a great thing; the internet? We can meet and interact with fans that we would have never dreamt existed, and on top of that, it seems that we have similar tastes in art and culture too. You can't always get that in real life, and living in a non-English country makes it even harder.

    It just makes me feel warm inside that I get to meet such nice fans like you Nadya! Thank you!

    Lots of Blur and Love and more Blur from "sunny" Japan,

    PS. And oh you inspire me so much in the art-fart world too :D

  10. i remember, because i'm the one who added you as a friend on facebook. Saw your name on Alisha's fb page with Damon Albarn picture on it. hehehe

    Awww thank you for your appreciation, so glad i inspire you that much, i never realized what have i done so far :)) anyway i like your photography as well, you definitely got 'eyes' and style on your photos. love the 'sunny' sun in Japan, here in Jakarta you don't get beautiful light for your photo (they're covered with smoke and pollutant).