Sugaryzine #1 : Nothing beats the excitement of receiving postcard in the mail

BOOM BOOM PAW! May i present you the first zine Sugarytea ever made

Nothing Beats The Excitement of Receiving Postcard in the Mail

Read about the postcard project i been doing recently. To cut a long story short, i sent a diy postcard to people who wanted it. They received the postcard weeks later, they took a picture of them with the postcard or just the postcard alone. They sent the photos to me via email, i compile them photos into a zine. and voila! Sugaryzine #1 : Nothing Beats The Excitement of Receiving Postcard in the Mail.

Unfortunately, some postcards get lost in heaven, heaven of postcards. Yeah they've never got into the  receiver's mailbox. Was so worried and anxious for not getting reply from some people who haven't received it. on the other hand, the zine need to be done immediately (for the exhibition). So i had this idea to make an alternative series of the zine, that is Sugaryzine #1: Nothing Beats The Anxiety of Loosing Postcard in the Mail.

Lucky, i've scanned the original postcards before sending them in. So i still can put the name of the people who didn't receive the postcard and apologize. 2 people in that series actually received it, but it was me who not received their photos. hehe.

Inside look of the Lostcard zine (no photos).

Sexy back! and yummy colour, you can't resist them. ho ho ho

Big thanks to all my friends who had contributed in this project and make all things possible, you know who you are! Will probably doing this again sometime next year with new list of friends. Now i'll go treat myself watching Noel Fielding on The IT Crowd (which i just finished downloaded ^^)

edit to add:
This 3 set of zines is now available from my etsy shop (contributors can contact me in email if you want a copy of the zine.)



  1. thats me thats me! hehe...wikkid stuff nadya! and oh noel on IT crowd... is it the episode whr he is dressed as a yummy goth addicted to cradle of filth??

  2. :D it looks so amazing! I want a copy of the zines! Lololol

    Your so great nadya :*

  3. They look amazing, Nadya! Good work!

  4. Thank you girls! and you too are amazing! :))

    @safa: Yes Safa! that episode, he looks so comical! adoreeee:)
    @rega: it's okay rega!
    @hayley: i'll send you e-mail sometime this day if you really want a copy of the zine. cheers!
    @gadisradio: gak boleh kalo liat doang dhan! harus beli :p hehehe

  5. Oooooh! I'm so excited to get mine in the post. ^^

  6. wuihh naaaddd kereennnnn!!!

    eh nad, gimana sih bikin bikin acount etsy?
    jual keluar2 gitu biayanya brp dsb bla bla hehe
    *mau tau bgt ya gw? :D

    btw link gw salah tuh -.-
    winwinnana bukan winwinwinna

  7. Nooooo.. Bob! >.<
    i had been contemplating, whether i should send you the postcard or not, since i've asked your address and said that i want to send you something. but i decided not to, not that time. uh my bad..
    the reason is because i'm not confident with my drawing. thought i should send a special one for you, but i haven't got there yet.
    but i promise will send you something this time! P.I.N.K.Y.P.R.O.M.I.S.E! :D


  8. Anyway, i wish your address hasn't changed yet, Sir! :)