People who take part on Sugarytea and the postcard fetishist.

May i apologize for not updating news recently. but worry not, here comes Graham saving the day... :3

i already received your address. And here's list of people who will take part on this project. I'm in the process of making the postcard, it will take eternity because i only make them on weekend. my new job won't let me take a sneak draw inbetween work hours. I'll be updating news about the project on my blog here, on tumblr and on twitter. cheers!

Jeniffer, US
Ana Luiza Varela do Nascimento, Brazil
Aya Kuroki, Japan
Aysser Al-Janabi, New Zealand
Saguaro Duda, Germany
Maya S, Indonesia
Laura Rice, US
Kyle Chaney, US
Tiphaine Quignon, France
Helen Petukhova, Russia
Keith Fogarty, Sweden
Camille Quignon, France
Alisha Anderson, Canada
Sapta Hudaya, Indonesia
Dean Zappy, UK
Natsuki Otani, UK
Caitlin West, Australia
Heather Romney, US
Sandra Garcia, Mexico
and last but not least, Bob London ( pardonne moi, Sir >.< )



  1. Hehe! It makes me very happy to see my name on that last. Thank you. I can't wait to receive your postcard! I will most likely send something very Blurry in return ;P

    - Alisha

  2. So excited! :D Thanks for including me in this one. ^^

  3. hmm expansion. nice one! i'm rooting for you nad.