Latest update on Sugarytea and the postcard fetishist project

I'm dying to finish this project, it's been on hiatus since March and i have no passion anymore to continue this project. Above are postcards that had been sent to a few. Others are just left untouched. i need to be inspired, am feeling less passionate about it since office work simply took it from me. I'm like a routine zombie. do not want! I wanna spend a day working on this project, drawing, making stuff, etc etc without worrying that tomorrow first thing in the morning, i must get up and get ready to work. *sigh* Feel like wanting the old me back, the ultimate lazy-arse unemployed Nadya who has mooore time to work on this and that all day long, even make her zine done! *achievement*
until now i really have no idea what to do with this outstanding project, i'm a mess ;___;

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