Suede, for the second time in life.

Despite the amount of cash i've spent to afford the concert tix and flight tix, I have to admit i had no regret whatsoever flying to jakarta for the weekend to see Suede. After their first concert on 2003, i never thought they would make a comeback to jkt. I was friggin excited, i didn't even care if i had to trade-in my old nokia phone with a new Blackberry to get the ticket. I'm rich like that haha. I dislike Blackberry, never had interest to own one so i only bought that for me mom... and for the ticket quite frankly. I didn't get involved in any hoo-haa of the fans' anger towards the ticketing system. I lurked behind the shadow and watch the tweet goes by until the day i finally see him.

YES, I AM BLESSED to have witnessed brett andesrson shaking his hip to the beat, whipping his floppy fringe to the sound of music and watching he teased the crowd with his button-unbuttoned shirt act. That chest hair, that evil HIPBONE! ah my eyes! holy mother of FRINGE! HE IS GODLY.

Front row never go wrong. Took some guts and couple of unfriendly faces from the teenageboppers when you're trying to get in there. But me and the gang reached it nonetheless. Front row, Brett's side - that's where i want to be that night.

    (photo by
Didn't take a great stage photo that night, but i still have some interesting picture to share. hehe

    (kayak foto sama om-om hidung belang berkacamata hitam gak sih?)

though i'm a bit further behind with the presscon and meet&greet thingy- yes they held the presscon while i was still in my work desk in Bali. unfair! - Nonetheless, i still managed to catch up with ze band. Based on my Franz Ferdinand pursuit experience, I went to the hotel where they stayed the morning after, the plan is to bump into one of'em when they pop up in the lobby or having breakfast.

Too bad this time i didn't managed to have a decent short convo with them, due to the number of fans who also want to have a piece of the cake. It has became an aggresive act if there're more than 2-4 people ask for sigs and pics. So taking a photo with them is enough for me.

Sunday evening, I flew back to Bali with lots of story and memorabilia (that infamous cut-out and re-print setlist) one thing i know when i got back at my place is that I'm so friggin knackered i'm almost passed out in bed. no kiddin'. i didn't have proper sleep after concert (stayed at nunu's place) and at the very morning dragged myself up to the hotel. I didn't even manage to come home, pack my stuffs and say goodbye to my dog, Leslie.

Twas a great quick escapade for the weekend. Made me realize i need to loosen up a bit from the work routine. Need to do something else besides worrying about tomorrow's task and to-do list. Basically i need whatever to keeps me sane living here alone.

Thanks for coming to Jakarta for the second time Banderson and co. Thanks to whoever brought them here.

 (Is it Ismaya or Blackberry?)

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