Gimme A Hamburger Today, Please

My english teacher poked fun at me because of my email address. i was once sending him an email of the essay he had told me to do. then he checked his email in front of the class and laughed to my email address. i became embarrased, cos i admitted my email address is a crap. it's "'ku' like in 'my hamburger'..?"he joked. argh idiot.

but i can tell you the reason why i baptised my email address with that silly name, it's simply because of this.

o lord, i can't stand not to eat all the burger in every burger stall in jakarta. i love it very much. and thanks god that i have found the love of my life on this site. It's called A Hamburger Today, a weblog that shows you the best burger places across the US. There are also some recipes to try on, y'know i'm good at grilling burger. Me and my boyfriend have held two party with GIY (Grill It Yourself) burgers as the main course, and all of my friends are just happy with it :)

ok now i'm starving..i need a hamburger today..gimme my hamburgerku bwahahaha..idiet!

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