Hey Ladette, Graham Coxon Smells Very Nice Y'know !

i was just group walking on last.fm and i feel like somehow i have to quote this comment from 2 members of Graham Coxon group on last.fm.

let me hep you with the transcript :p
" toppamoppo

Word on the street is that Graham Coxon smells very nice.
MorganCHoax said:

ROCK FACT: Blur guitarist Graham Coxon smells of lavender."

o so sweet isn't it? harharhar..

okay this posting is actually another distraction from me doing my internship report..
shit shit shit hits his this shitty shitty bang bang bang dor, god help me!! I'm out of focus,,
please get my lazy arse back into the chair and make me start typing some fairy tale about working experience..
huhuhuhuhu it's almost 4 o'clock in the morning, and my stupid dog is snoring on the corner of my room..above my laptop bag..what a nice dog you are..

and an obligatory graham picture to end the posting,
good day ladette !!

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