Oasis' New Album Artwork Revealed

After had Sir Peter Blake, who also designed the cover art for The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band, designing their Stop The Clocks' artwork. Oasis revealed their new album artwork Dig Out Your Soul who was designed by collage artist Julian House. Do you think it has a hidden meaning? i think it has a trippy feeling back to 60s. don't know what oasis aim to but the album seems likely to be very trippy or colourful or upbeat. dunno. the artwork remind me of the coral's i think.

Dig Out Your Soul-The tracklist:
1 'Bag It Up'
2 'The Turning'
3 'Waiting For The Rapture'
4 'The Shock Of The Lightning'
5 'I'm Outta Time'
6 '(Get Off Your) High Horse Lady'
7 'Falling Down'
8 'To Be Where There's Life'
9 'Ain't Got Nothin''
10 'The Nature Of Reality'
11 'Soldier On'

source: nme.com

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