They Still Have A Monkey After Gorillaz

Not to worry for damon fans out there, nme said they've got the first peek at the artwork for Damon albarn and Jamie Hewlett's new album titled "A Journey To The West", based on the original score of the Monkey opera, and they had it under the name Monkey.

and keep your eyes on their next project called 'Carousel', Jamie said to the observer:

'Carousel' is even bigger and more difficult than 'Monkey'. I've done a lot of visuals and Damon's done a lot of music but we haven’t figured out how they’re going to fit together.
"It's sort of like a film but not with one narrative story. There's many stories, told around a bigger story, set to music, and done in live action, animation, all different styles.
"Originally it was a film but now we think it's a film and it's a stage thing as well. Damon's written around 70 songs for it, and I've got great plans for the visuals."

okay, wait, 70 songs?? Whoof Damon what a productive man you are. So ladies and gentlemen here's Damon Albarn the rennaisance man who had changed the face of pop nearly 20 years ago and now seems likely always needed a stage. har har har.

"damon albarn gak ada matinye.."

source: still

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