Damon Albarn Sings Arabic?

as a request from Sally can wait. here's something about The Good, The Bad, and The Queen.

Actually i don't have any news about TGTBTQ lately. but this one is tingling my ears. i just downloaded their bootleg, live at Koln, Germany on 2007. and i found this quirk song named Mr Whippy.

First, Damon introduced the song in i-don't-understand-the lingo. then he started the keyboard tunes..(which is so damon) then he sang in i-don't-understand-the lingo, something about Islam he said before in the introduction, then i thought he sang in Arabic. WUT WUT?? cool!! but weird!!
So i search it in last.fm (okay, don't try searching a song in last.fm:p), cos i really curious, did he really sing arabic? then they give me a name, Eslam Jawaad. He's an Iraq rapper. they did a collaboration in this song which appear in TGTBTQ Herculean CD. The videos on youtube said so.

Eslam Jawaad
Herculean CD
Try it!

Mr. Whippy - The Good The Bad and The Queen

at this point, i knew that TGTBTQ had collaborated with Eslam Jawaad in Mr.Whippy. But in this song, why does it sound like Damon??? apart from the kinda annoying breath-taking between the line (gasp gasp gasp, like a fish need some air) can someone pls tell me? what in the world of Damon is going on? Does he turn moslem? like Ian Brown and Pete Doh, DOH! as far as i know, he's an atheist, isnt he? someone should explain this to me.

maybe jamie552 from forum.blur.co.uk could, i get this copy from your thread, mate:D thx anyway!

Eslam Jawaad on myspace

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