Modern Day Blur

I can't believe i download kaiser chiefs - employment just because of this. my curious ear's tingling as they mentioned Blur more than one times. Yes kaiser chiefs is the new Blur they said. i've heard about kaiser chiefs is a modern day of blur. but it's the article above who encourage me to download the album.. ahahaha i remember laughing at my lil brother when he played Kaiser Chief loudly from iTunes. and i remember how i hated this band so much. my friend Tiaz who had lived in Leeds, once said to me that this band was freakin arrogant. blah. to download their album doesnt mean i could be liking' em. hehehe but no one knows the future, not even damon. (???)

and i found this funny posting about Damon and Ricky Wilson from chiefs are identical twins separated at birth. hahahaha..

this posting is fully credited to : (love what you did to damon:D)

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