Graham on My March Madness

let me ask you a question, why is it so lucky being a blur fans this year? firstly, last december christmas came early for me when damon and graham met up for the first time after his (graham) departure from the band. to spice up some turkey dish, they also set up a reunion concert at hyde park this summer. mmmhhhh.. now we turn to march madness, with pete doherty new album Grace/Wasteland, on which graham coxon played guitars on most of the songs. By the time i wrote this blog, graham's twittering :
"home.fatigue.the shows with peter et al were super is a blissful place.dauphinois and steak,cokes,hotel so posh i couldnt sleep!"
yes he just got home from paris after joining pete doherty's tour as the guitar player. but i don't tend to talk about pete here. so here's another madness to come this march, Graham's upcoming album. YAY!!!
- Album called 'The Spinning Top'
- 15-track
- Released on May 11
- Narrative album, following a man from birth to death
- Recorded with Stephen Street
- Graham signed on Transgressive Records
- Single 'Sorrow's Army' released on May 18
- Track 'In The Morning' released on limited edition 10-inch etched vinyl on April 18
- Album will be previewed on a number of low-key shows this May
- Full tour will take place in the autumn


all the best for you, thx for being such a great persona. you and your blur boys have helped me through my toughest time of my life. thx for being the great escape :). huhuhuhu..


    I'm soooooo excited for his album <33
    and I baked a cake in celebration of his b-day! I'm too obsessed... :P

  2. wut!! hahaha i'm going to bake a cake on damon's birthday .. :)
    march madness!! arrgh....