Reminiscing the past

Hmm, i'm in my room now, listening to I wanna be adored by stone roses and just receive an email from uncut, telling me that June issues is for free. But why so excited? i live outside UK, i can't even text a message to the number they gave to have chance get the free issue. But the cover story makes me way more than excited. I saw familiar eyes and bowl haircut of someone when the pic's loading on my email.

here's the pic when it's loading, can ya tell me who is it?

Stone Roses it is. '20 Years On. Their Untold Story'. Mmm wondering what other stories i didn't know about'em. I used to be a stone roses whore back then, about 2/3 years ago. I met a guy on myspace (facebook wasn't popular that time) who run a web called this is the day break. This web give me more info than any others. the founder, Paul McAuley, wrote deep analysis about every songs and videos. this made me thing that the band is freakin genius on art, yet so religious. he also made a documentary of the stone roses on youtube here. I always recommend his web on my blog.

i dunno, but i was experienced everytime i visit the web, it's like i'm in a classroom studying ian brown and john squire's mind and somehow it related to the art studies i was studying at college that time. (estetika dan sejarah seni rupa barat huehehe) so it just clicked with me :) I suggest all the roses in the world to go to this is the day break for a nerdy experience exploring monkey's mind.

can't wait to go to kinokuniyo bookstore, the only bookstore that sells Uncut mags in Jakarta as far as i know and buy a copy. Anyway, fool's gold is now playing in my room, i suppose i'm baggying around now :) see ya!

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