My Final Exam as A Graphic Designer

i just finished my final exam on jakarta institute of art.
i took global warming campaign as the subject.
i also made a website as the main item for this campaign,
unfortunately i'm not able to upload it on the web.
so you could only see some photos of the other items.

if you'd like some of the item here, just let me know.
Items like stickers or postcard, i can manage to share it with you. :)

for tomorrow campaign's display
"Don't wake me up, i'm saving up energy for tomorrow."
"Imagine a tree when you pull some tissues out"
an ambience on a tissue holder
some items : stickers, postcards, and pin
The earth-friendly shopping bag which can be folded into a small piece so that you can bring it along everytime you go shopping. reduce plastic bag yo.
Themed posters
Other stickers (anyway, it's a fictional web address)
An illustration i did for the ambience


  1. reject huehhee..abis yg sisa2 pada reject-an gitu..mau gaakss.. M/L?

  2. mau mau, itu size cewek/cowok? eh..kaosnya saya beli...atau.....

  3. size cewek, kaosnya gretongan aj, abisnya rejekan, huehehe tp gak jelek-jelek buangeett kook hihihi..

    klo mau ntr kasih alamat rumah kamu yaww, kirim ke email aja.

    jangan khawatir saya bukan teroris, saya hanya stalker di dunia maya. hahah. :d

    ato mau ketemuan aj sekalian hihihi gua baru ngeh, gua belom tau lo kuliah dimana dan bla bli bluny hueee.. parah betul sih akyuu.. :d

  4. thx meyoko :) hummm looks like both of my inspiration have came here and congrats me for my last assignment.. i'm happy:)

  5. (JEMPOL) anry dhanniary very interested with this.

    emang deh lu nad. handal!
    maaf yah waktu itu gak dateng pas display..

  6. weits..makasih ya gan jempolnya. jempol is the new cendol nih kayaknya.

    don't worry be happy nry, toh sudah lewat masa2 penganiyaan fisik dan mental itu. heheh.