Spotted! Damon Albarn's sleazy voice on this song.

Ten Eleven - Terry Hall & Mushtaq

This song is taken from Music Is Your Radar album compilation (Originally from The Hour Of Two Lights album) from Honest Jon's record and Uncut Magazine. I just learnt that Damon Albarn also contribute to this song, he starts singing around 2:12.

Lately, i've found that Damon's voice has been around on the internet, from Beck's song to Massive Attack's into bedtime stories. thanks to fellow tumblr friend for the sharing is caring thing :)

ps: i still haven't listened to Massive Albarn Attack yet. :\

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  1. huahahahaha.. gue sama sekali belum pernah dengerin cd bonusnya Uncut itu. :D

    my goodness suaranya damon! *daydreaming*

    huhuhuhu... gara2 kerjaan banyak dan semua udah diblok di kantor, gue ga bisa lagi ngikutin 'perkembangan' blur. ketinggalan banyak nih. :((