Job test. Fail.

Have i been so busy lately?? Not really. But this last two week has been kinda hectic and rushy. By the way, i've sent my first job application last week. I built up my portfolio and sent it by mail. It only contains my illustration works, because in the job vacancy they said they were looking for 'Graphic Illustrator'.

Later, I got the job interview call up. So nervous i can't think of anything else. But lovely friends on twitter and errr.. facebook gave me nice words and supports, even Bob London 'thumbed up' my status. xD (That one really made my day!) So there i was, pessimist girl, trying to convince herself that everybody's also doing a job interview, there's no need to be nervous. plus you got lovely friends supporting you! :)

Turned out the job interview was actually a job test.  (I'M SO NOT READY FOR THIS but I managed to keep calm and carry on) They were exactly looking for an advertorial graphic designer (err.. okay). So there i was, designing a magazine spread layout for certain beauty product. -_-' Silly me, instead of focus on my work, i overheard the job interview between the miss HRD and the job applicant in the next room. When i wake up to reality, i realized it was 15 minutes left for me to finish the design. i ran outta time. FFFFUUU! She gave me 2 hours and i was an half hour late. I knew i wouldn't make it, i've FAILED. haaaaaah!

But i'm gonna apply some more. One for a Clothing line and one for an ad agency. We'll see!!
cheers xx

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